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Peter Dodd

I’ve been investing with krest since 2019 now. Been one of their longterm investors and even connected with some others. CEO took the time to introduce me to investors like myself and everyone seems to be happy with them. I’ve now got 8 stores, all above 6 figures in anual revenue, the team is on point. The communication is on point as well. Can’t complain and would highly recommend, im sure other investors would agree as well!

Steven Korn

I worked with a couple automation business before and all have failed miserably. I decided to give Krest one last shot as they had great reviews and great guarantees that basically covered me from any financial loss, so why I thought “why not”. 2 months later and im glad I took the leap. I believe they’re the only genuine company out there actually delivering on those promises.

Emily Thompson

Krest media has been my go-to spot whenever i have some cash laying around. Ive been growing with the years with them with a total of 4 stores. Very happy with the progress and the management. 3 of those 4 are profitable and generating heavy cash every month, the last one is struggling a little but only 2 months in so we’ll get there just like the rest of my stores. Very happy!

Harper Phillips

Hey there! I collaborated with Krest Media a couple months ago and everything has been as advertised. My website is awesome, products are converting and everything has been a good experience thus far. The conversions are increasing slowly but surely every week. The scaling process is something that takes time but its worth the wait, my manager Cindy has been able to scale up my store 2000-3000$ per week. If you’re thinking about working with them, id recommend them!

James Morrison

My brother in law Khalil recommended me to krest about 8 months ago and I didn’t regret signing up with them. Were averaging 6-7k net profit per month and looking to scale above 5 figure net per month by the end of year. Good progressive scaling

Ava Moore

I’ve been with Krest team since 2021 (Around 25months now) and the team simply earned my review. Although they did send me this form to give my honest feedback, this has been something that ive been wanting to do for awhile now. My manager Rodney has been more than just a manager but a very good friend. Krest has been able to scale my store to $550k so far. Good profits as well sitting at 28%, I recommended them to a couple members of my family and they’re all happy as well. Highly recommend these guys! The numbers speak for themself! 😊


Step 01

Schedule a Free Call with our success team

Our friendly team will run you through everything you need to know about working with us. We will cover all your questions and queries with full transparency and it is a good indicator to see if we are a right fit for you.

Step 02

Plan, design & build your online stores

At our core, we’re experts in the complete process of online store creation. From ideation to execution, we’ll plan, design, and build your e-commerce platform to perfection. Our attention to detail is unmatched, and we’ll work collaboratively with you throughout the entire process.

Step 03

Our team manages everything from A-Z

We’re your one-stop for all business needs – from store development to product research, media advertising, and order fulfilment. Let us handle everything from A to Z, while you focus on your strengths. Watch us scale your business month-over-month.

Get a Custom Shopify Store that Sells Like Crazy

We are REAL founders

We are DTC founders sharing our success secrets.

Quick 14 day results

We we will get your store running within days and generate you sales within 30 days!

Sit back and relax

We do ALL the heavy lifting while you focus other ventures.



Our experienced development team takes care of everything – hosting, design, and development. No coding or design experience needed. We have a proven system that allows us to build stores that are optimized to convert.



We have a full team dedicated strictly to product research. We have a proven strict system on finding winning products efficiently and consistently.



Your client manager will manage your paid marketing campaigns on powerful platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Youtube and Google. Our team will set up test campaigns and scale your store to the moon. No marketing or advertising experience needed, we have a team that looks at this 24/7.



We have our own sourcing, shipping and fulfilment team that we work with directly to send out your orders on a daily basis 7 days per week. Every order that comes in, leave it to us – we will send out for you.



At Viral Marketing we thrive on excellent service. Your dedicated client manager will be there to assist you and provide you daily updates on what’s happening with your store.


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Forget the guesswork, trial-and error and never ending cycle of trying to figure everything out yourself – for the very first time. And instead, grow your business with our proven system, frameworks, and years of experience in the game.

Revenue Generated


We’ve generated over 10M+ in ecommerce revenue.

Stores Created


Experience Our Winning Formula: 200+ ecommerce stores built!

Revenue Generated


We’ve generated over 10M+ in ecommerce revenue.

Stores Created


Experience Our Winning Formula: 200+ ecommerce stores built!

Ad Expenditure Managed


Our media buying team has managed over $40 million in ad spend since 2017.

Our International Reach


We are proudly serving Shopify merchants in over 73 different countries.




Over 100’s of profitable E-commerce stores built by Viral Marketing. Experience our winning formula and join the ranks of our successful clients.


No problem! you don’t need any experience at all. We do it all for you and it it up to you how much you want to be included in the process. Regardless we will update you everyday.
No problem! you don’t need any experience at all. We do it all for you and it’s up to you how much you want to be included in the process. Regardless we’ll keep you updated.
You don’t need to put in any weekly time – our experts take care of everything for you.
Many of our clients have tried to do things themselves at first, they lose thousands of dollars testing the wrong type of products with a poorly built store. They then come to us looking for help. Save yourself the time and money, we will do it all for you!
Of course! you can be as involved in the process as you want – we’ll keep you updated at every step.
Of course! you can be as involved in the process as you want – we’ll keep you updated at every step.
You’ll start seeing results as soon as we launch your store. Our program is designed so you are put in the best possible position to see a great return on investment as soon as you get started. We have done all the hard work to give you the platform and system to succeed.
Viral Marketing will provide you with access to see your daily, weekly, an monthly reports of your sales and profits. You can also log in to your account anytime to see how your stores are performing.